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Vivia for Fawn

December 7, 2009

I’ve updated my website with these new photos. This is my niece, Vivia Victoria Martinez. These photographs were taken as a promo for my family’s store, Fawn. She’s absolutely darling, if I say so myself. Enjoy!



Winding down from the weekend!

December 7, 2009

Wow! There was a lot going on this weekend! I find it so funny when you will have certain times when absolutely nothing is going on and you could shoot yourself in the foot just to be entertained, and there there’s times when everything is happening all at once, and you’d shoot yourself in the foot just for a reason to stay home. Thankfully, this weekend was a healthy mix between the two.

We can start from Friday night, Chris and I went over to Papa Phil’s house (which is going to be my new residence here, quite soon) to have a much needed discussion. Saturday morning, I wake up to Chris knocking on my door. It was time for Ikea. Okay, so we got a late start, but we still went. Chris had never been to Ikea before. He was amazed by it, I could tell. He wrote all about it, and I couldn’t help but giggle. Ikea led to Papa Phil’s once more. The boys all watched the football game… I took a nap. Haha. It was a great nap, the only problem was waking up once the sun was done… it made me feel like I was supposed to still be sleeping.

So a few hours later, we finally left Papa Phils to drive a whole quarter mile down the road to Jennie Rennie’s house. She had invited us over earlier in the week and I was rather excited about it. Why? Well, she was making her homemade chicken and dumplins…. I’d never had HER homemade CnD before, but everything she cooks is great, so I wasn’t worried about it. We all hung out there for a while… Had a great time. We got to play with Sofia (my 1 year old niece). Chris would hide behind the wall and when she’d come looking for him, he’d jump out and scare her and she’d go running and laughing as seen here… (caution, hilarious!):

My niece had me rolling on the floor, laughing. She also learned a new head-move. Just imagine her saying “Nu uh oh no you DIDN’T!” Hahah She’s hilarious and she doesn’t even realize it, which makes it even more funny.

Then yesterday (Sunday) we had a production by the dance team at Northwest Church called Deception. It involved silks and hoops and trampolines, very cirque-ish. I was impressed with the progress they’ve been making since I introduced them to a friend of mine, and silks trainer some few months ago. It was quite visually stimulating. There’s one more performance Friday, Dec 11th, at 8p. Totally free and well, well worth it.

After church, Chris came over and we rented a couple of movies and hung out at my house, ate some food, and winded down from a busy weekend. I ended up passing out way sooner than usual (I think it was around 10.30p?) which explains why I’m up at 9a this morning.

I’ve got to go to English class at 2p, and take my poetry exam. Goodiegumdrop… In better news, however, this is the last week of school. Next semester doesn’t start until January 11th. I have a few odds and ends jobs happening, like mural paintings, and photo gigs, but I will have a lot of free time. Be sure to check out my website and contact me with any photography inquiries you may have. Free time means more time to work with YOU, taking photos!

With all that being said, I’m off now to get a few things done before I have to get to class. Wish me luck!


Work, Work, Work!

December 5, 2009

Hello, all!

As some of you may be able to tell, I’ve been doing a lot of work lately on getting my photography website up and running, as well as marketing the crap out of it! It’s so strange: when I get these sudden bursts of inspiration, I have no choice but to run with it. Maybe it’s out of fear of losing it? Maybe it’s because it’s just a natural progression? I don’t know. All I know is I’m glad it’s happening. It is much over-due for getting things up in the air, out in the open, however you want to word it.

So for the other half of you that don’t know what I’m talking about (I’ve been doing it all day, may as well throw in another shameless plug!) here’s a list of the sweet websites and such to check out, add yourself to, whatever!

Desiree Designs Online

Desiree Designs a Facebook

Desiree Designs a Twitter

Desiree Designs a Blog (although you obviously already know that one… you’re here, aren’t you? >.<)

So there you have it! The Desiree Designs hub, central station, lexicon, call it what you will! With that being said, I’m finally going to head off to sleep, count some sheep, and wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow. Chris and I are taking a mini field trip to a lil store called Ikea…ever heard of it? 😉 Gnight, and happy web-surfing!


My Wednesday Night!

December 4, 2009

Infusion Tea.

Wine not Wednesday at Dechoes

Afterparty at Pop City Comics.

Did you SEE the moon tonight?!

December 2, 2009

Okay, okay. So I know not everyone could have seen what I saw tonight, but what I saw was simply amazing.

Chris and I had dinner at Alex’s house again tonight with him and his girlfriend, Erin. He’s a fantastic cook, by the way- If you don’t know him, I suggest you get on his good side so he can cook you a dish, sometime! After quite enough of the Presidential Address on mute, I nearly lost my appetite, but we won’t get into that- not unless you really want me to. 😉 Afterward, the double-daters all rested with our contently full bellies in front of the tele to watch some Scrubs and Family Guy.

And then it happened…

Like clockwork, I was getting sleepy, but I knew full well once I got in my car and began the drive home, it was going to wear off (as it has been for quite some time now) and by the time I’d reach my house, I would be wide awake once more… I was nearly right- I climbed out of my car, clinging onto every last inch of sleep deprivation my body could muster, but then I looked up…

The visual nearly drew my breath right out of me, made me stop in my tracks, and stare up in pure admiration. Due to the lack of light pollution near my house, the full moon was so bright, it was emitting the most brilliant, perfectly symmetrical ring of light around it. Granted, I had seen something like this before, but not in quite some time, and regardless, for some reason, the sky always makes me stop in my tracks. I fumbled to get my key in the door, rushed into my room, grabbed my camera, and proceeded to sit outside for the following forty minutes taking timelapse photographs of the moon. The images below are no joke, folks. I can’t make this stuff up. They have been edited in photoshop only to brighten it up a bit so you could see the ring better, but that’s it. No special effects, no fancy hours of editing… Just purely shots that look like they could have been taken further out in space. I love when my nerdy side shows. >.< Enjoy.


Peacock Feathers and Fabric Button Flowers

December 1, 2009

Tonight, Chris and I went to his dad’s house for dinner. His sister, Katie was there this time. After some delicious homemade, diy pulled beef burritos, the night progressed to what seems to be the new trend… Monday Night Football. Excuse me while I struggle to stay awake. 😛 So I was more than eager to take Katie up on her offer of joining her in her room for some X-Men: The Last Stand on the tele. It was only the first two minutes of watching that I came to the realization… The boys were watching men in tights… and so were us girls… such a strange coincidence! It was a lot of fun and I am definitely glad we all got to hang out tonight.

But as it was time to leave, the strangest but oddly familiar thing happened… the closer I got to my house, the less and less tired I became. It is as if my bedroom has become a Creative Hub of sorts. I have about *fifty projects I’m working on right now from writing novels, to writing Critical Research Papers (blah -.-), to mural sketches, to fun girly crafts such as these…

I saw this idea on a certain website ( 😉 ) and I have been contemplating making them for the past three days now. I would wake up, look at my sewing tote, make one of those faces that one makes when trying to make a hard decision, and get out of bed before finally deciding to hold off on it. But tonight? I finally decided to go for it. I’m glad I did. They are fun, easy to make, and SO cute! Now my biggest problem is trying to decide where or how I’ll use them (or sell them). Oh the options!

So now I sit here, a Hairclub infomercial playing on the television, and my sleepiness is finally catching up to me. I guess I’ll now continue on to go lay in my bed, set my crickets app on my mytouch, and try my darnedest to fall asleep. Wish me luck!


* 50 is a slightly exaggerated number.

Film Review: “Ink” 2009

November 30, 2009

Okay… first of all… WOW…

Chris and I went to Blockbuster about a week ago when we first found this movie. We did the usual “hold onto it until you find another movie you’d like to see” but ultimately, based off of our mood, we decided to go with Adventureland, thinking it would be funny… we were in the mood to laugh, and since we’d never even heard of Ink before, we thought we’d be safe. But we made the mental note of making sure to come back for it, eventually. For the record, I wish we had gone with Ink in the first place after watching Adventureland, but that’s another story all in itself.

But alas, tonight, we returned to Blockbuster and, holding true to our word, we decided to rent Ink. I am so glad we did.

This. Movie. Was. Amazing.

The summary, according to says:

As the light fades and the city goes to sleep, two forces emerge. They are invisible except for the power they exert over us in our sleep, battling for our souls through dreams. One force delivers hope and strength through good dreams; the other infuses the subconscious with desperation through nightmares. John (Chris Kelly) and Emma (Quinn Hunchar), Father and Daughter are wrenched into this fantastical dream world battle, forced to fight for John’s soul and to save Emma from an eternal nightmare. Separate in their journey, they encounter unusual characters that exist only in their subconscious. Or do they? Ink is a high-concept visual thriller that weaves seamlessly between the conscious and the subconscious. Ink has been hailed as the new “it” movie and compared to cult classics Brazil, Donnie Darko, The Matrix, Dark City and Pan’s Labyrinth. (

But it was so much more than that. There is a spiritual undertone throughout the entire film. There are the “Storytellers” who come in your sleep to give you good dreams and the “Incubus” who come to give you nightmares (aka Angels and Demons). There are several scenes that paint quite the visual comparison of the spiritual battle that goes on in all of our lives on a day to day basis. The main Storyteller by the name of Liev has an uncanny allegorical resemblance to Jesus Christ.

There are characters you simply fall in love with such as Emma, the blonde, well-versed daughter, Jacob, the blind, counting Pathfinder who lives by the rhythm of the world (“1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4…”), Liev, the redemptive storyteller, and even Ink, himself.

This movie’s story shows that “no matter how safe you feel, evil may find you. But no matter how far you’ve fallen, redemption is possible.” (

Not only is the storyline unique, but every element of this film is all encompassing. Visually, this film is a must-see. High contrast, diffused glows, and distinct characters take over the screen. The sound throughout the entire film holds to its own integrity. Kiowa K. Winans, the executive producer as well as the sound director commented, “Every scene has probably 30-80 sound layers in it” (Ink Director’s Commentary). Every element flows together harmoniously.  Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed.

Ink is rated R for the following:

  • Sex & Nudity- The mentioning of “Wandering Hands”.
  • Violence & Gore- Several hand-to-hand combat sequences resulting in minor cuts and scratches. Menace toward a child. A child is forced to ingest a potentially fatal device. A suicide is shown and discussed. Several nightmare flashes involving drowning and suffocation. A woman is threatened with a knife to her throat. The stabbing death of a woman. A man is stabbed and threatened with a knife. A woman suffering fatal injuries from a car crash is shown bloody and suffering.
  • Profanity- Several instances of profanity, including the f-word.
  • Alcohol & Drugs- A brief flash of drug use is seen and it is mentioned verbally. Alcohol is consumed and alcoholism is implied.
  • Frightening & Intense Scenes- A child is kidnapped from her home. A child lays unconscious in a hospital. A sudden, unexpected and violent car crash is shown from the perspective of a passenger. A man sits with his dying wife in an ambulance after a different car crash. A child is brought as a sacrifice into an assembly of bad characters.

(Information provided by

Ultimately, Ink is a love story. Love of a husband to a wife, love of a father to a child, love of your weaknesses (pride, greed, vanity), and love of redemption. I would highly recommend this film to anyone wanting to see something refreshing and intelligent. If you’re in the mood for something simple and boring, this isn’t for you.

If you see this film because of this review, please come back and post a comment about it! I want to know what you though. Enjoy!