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Did you SEE the moon tonight?!

December 2, 2009

Okay, okay. So I know not everyone could have seen what I saw tonight, but what I saw was simply amazing.

Chris and I had dinner at Alex’s house again tonight with him and his girlfriend, Erin. He’s a fantastic cook, by the way- If you don’t know him, I suggest you get on his good side so he can cook you a dish, sometime! After quite enough of the Presidential Address on mute, I nearly lost my appetite, but we won’t get into that- not unless you really want me to. 😉 Afterward, the double-daters all rested with our contently full bellies in front of the tele to watch some Scrubs and Family Guy.

And then it happened…

Like clockwork, I was getting sleepy, but I knew full well once I got in my car and began the drive home, it was going to wear off (as it has been for quite some time now) and by the time I’d reach my house, I would be wide awake once more… I was nearly right- I climbed out of my car, clinging onto every last inch of sleep deprivation my body could muster, but then I looked up…

The visual nearly drew my breath right out of me, made me stop in my tracks, and stare up in pure admiration. Due to the lack of light pollution near my house, the full moon was so bright, it was emitting the most brilliant, perfectly symmetrical ring of light around it. Granted, I had seen something like this before, but not in quite some time, and regardless, for some reason, the sky always makes me stop in my tracks. I fumbled to get my key in the door, rushed into my room, grabbed my camera, and proceeded to sit outside for the following forty minutes taking timelapse photographs of the moon. The images below are no joke, folks. I can’t make this stuff up. They have been edited in photoshop only to brighten it up a bit so you could see the ring better, but that’s it. No special effects, no fancy hours of editing… Just purely shots that look like they could have been taken further out in space. I love when my nerdy side shows. >.< Enjoy.


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