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Peacock Feathers and Fabric Button Flowers

December 1, 2009

Tonight, Chris and I went to his dad’s house for dinner. His sister, Katie was there this time. After some delicious homemade, diy pulled beef burritos, the night progressed to what seems to be the new trend… Monday Night Football. Excuse me while I struggle to stay awake. 😛 So I was more than eager to take Katie up on her offer of joining her in her room for some X-Men: The Last Stand on the tele. It was only the first two minutes of watching that I came to the realization… The boys were watching men in tights… and so were us girls… such a strange coincidence! It was a lot of fun and I am definitely glad we all got to hang out tonight.

But as it was time to leave, the strangest but oddly familiar thing happened… the closer I got to my house, the less and less tired I became. It is as if my bedroom has become a Creative Hub of sorts. I have about *fifty projects I’m working on right now from writing novels, to writing Critical Research Papers (blah -.-), to mural sketches, to fun girly crafts such as these…

I saw this idea on a certain website ( 😉 ) and I have been contemplating making them for the past three days now. I would wake up, look at my sewing tote, make one of those faces that one makes when trying to make a hard decision, and get out of bed before finally deciding to hold off on it. But tonight? I finally decided to go for it. I’m glad I did. They are fun, easy to make, and SO cute! Now my biggest problem is trying to decide where or how I’ll use them (or sell them). Oh the options!

So now I sit here, a Hairclub infomercial playing on the television, and my sleepiness is finally catching up to me. I guess I’ll now continue on to go lay in my bed, set my crickets app on my mytouch, and try my darnedest to fall asleep. Wish me luck!


* 50 is a slightly exaggerated number.

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