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My Turkey Day…

November 27, 2009

This Thanksgiving was a delight. My whole family went to my Papa Phil’s house. It was packed full of 20 or more people with the sweet harmonious smells of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, my sister’s famous butternut squash soup, green bean casserole, the whole nine! I posted via my mytouch throughout the day, random things I was thankful for…

It’s funny how a day like Thanksgiving makes you realize what you have to be thankful for… I’m shooting toward making that a daily thing. If you’re thankful for the little things (even if it is hard to be sometimes, aka, my car that needs some loving), it will be a lot easier to be thankful for the bigger things when they happen. Anyhow, there’s the philosophy 101 with desiree for the day. >.<

My favorite part of my yesterday, however, was when my niece and nephews, Chris, and I went to the park across the street to play on the playground for a while. It was good times.

Photos by Chris Clawson.

Post-production by yours, truly.

So tell me… what did you do for thanksgiving? Does your family have any traditions that you enjoy? Super-foods you can hardly get enough of? Let me hear ’em!


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