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That’s when you know…

November 26, 2009

Okay. So this happened a while ago, but someone finally posted the photos from his camera, and now I can blog about it. (<3 you, Chris 🙂 )

So Chris and I finally decided to start dating and it was time for the inevitable “first date”. It was a day’s worth of activities (which in my opinion is way better than one small moment in time). It started with:

Family Breakfast:

Every Saturday (or at least every one we can make it to) my family goes to eat breakfast at a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Historic Downtown Sanford (conveniently within walking distance from my family’s new store, Fawn). The morning usually starts with my sister, Sarah or my mom calling me anywhere from 9.30a to 10.30a, asking if I’m going to meet up with them at breakfast. The answer is usually yes. We usually bring friends along with us as well, in which we consider family anyway- but regardless, it’s always a great time. This time, I brought Chris. A great way to start a day. After many a laughs about random nothings, we moved onto:


My family has opened a store in Historic Sanford called Fawn. It has sort of become a second home for us (or a place to go when you need to get out of the house). My brother and his wife were working along with my mom. Chris and I tried on these amazing handmade bearbeanies by one of our local vendors and went photo crazy…

Say it all together now… “AWWWW…” Yeah, okay. Enough with the cutesy stuff. Anyhow, we hung out there for a while before we decided to go for a walk. Downtown Historic Sanford is a great place to take walks. Our store is within walking distance to the St. John’s River so we decided to go to:

The St. John’s Riverwalk:

Here’s where the story gets good. We were hanging out on these huge swings at the docks when we decided to take, you guessed it, more pictures…

And then it dawned on me. I grinned slyly to myself and suddenly said, “Hey, Chris! Set the camera on the bench over there, set the timer, and come get in a picture with me!” I had it planned out perfectly. The background was too adorable, the sky, too blue, and the wind, too gorgeous to pass up a great photo opportunity. He easily agreed and moved into action, setting the camera onto the bench, perfectly positioned to get us both in focus so that when the timer went off, we’d have a great shot of the two of us… He fiddled with his settings, set the timer, and hit the button. Not having used his timer before, he then quickly ran around to meet me as he didn’t know how much time he’d have before the camera would take a photo. Just as he whipped around like a sly Clark Kent, we suddenly heard the rattling of metal on metal. We looked at each other in surprise and promptly looked to the ground. We knew his keys had hit the railing and fallen out of his pocket, but where did they go? We looked at each other again, this time in horror before both turning to look down the 20ft drop-off into the St. John’s River. But of course, the camera, holding to it’s integrity, wasn’t biased on urgent situations and still managed to snap a photo…

It was rightfully dubbed “The Best Photo of the Day…” We still laugh about it.

After a phone call or two and some time to pass, his dad came to the rescue with a spare car key, and our day was back on track. It didn’t sway our plans of later going to…

Kobe Steakhouse…

We had an amazing dinner, we placed bets on whether or not the kid sitting at our table would freak out when the chef lit the table on fire. He did. I won. All in all it was a great day, the best date I could have asked for.

It was moments like the ones that happened that day, however, that get a girl thinking… These are the sort of stories you tell to your grandkids some fifty years from now… And that’s when I knew that this relationship was one that was going to last. One that was worth it. One that you never want to end, and thank the Lord, it doesn’t have to… I’m dating my best friend. What more could a girl want?

PS… dating another photographer has it’s upside, too. 🙂


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